Hello, We Are PlantSomething Bee Friendly.

If this is your first time to our website ‘Welcome!’ and allow us to introduce ourselves. We are PlantSomething Bee Friendly.

PlantSomething Bee Friendly is a marketing initiative from BC’s Landscapers, Nursery Growers and Garden Centres to promote locally grown, Bee Friendly Plants and to encourage more Bee Friendly choices being planted in the garden. PlantSomething originally came to BC in 2015 to encourage novice and experienced gardeners to consider locally grown plants. Since then it’s expanded to promote … you guessed it, Bee Friendly Plants.

So what does that all mean? Well, BC’s famers, landscapers and garden centres came together and noticed that there was a knowledge gap when it came to gardening.  People want more information on where their plants come from and how to create pollinator gardens in any space. After much consideration and planning, the BC Landscape and Nursery Association (BCLNA) decided to adopt a popular campaign created from Arizona and that was how PlantSomethingBC was created.

PlantSomethingBC evolved into PlantSomething Bee Friendly in the spring 2018. This shift has proven to be successful as British Columbians are eager to help the local pollinators. Local farmers are also eager to share their expertise on which bee friendly plants are their favourites, providing photos and recommendations on plants for each season and each region of BC.

The experts at local garden centres are equally excited to share their information with you. Independent garden centres hand select plants that are right for the area and of top quality. They know exactly which plants will grow best in your yard and how to get the best Bee Friendly yard. Many garden centres carry a wide variety of products that will keep your plants happy and healthy for years to come.

Alternatively, BC is full of landscape professionals who are certified and trained to take care of your plants, creating a haven that’s perfect for you and your bee visitors. With so many landscape companies to choose from, it can be difficult to find a professional. When you search on our interactive database, you can find listings for Professional Landscapers in your area who are eager to help you find locally grown ‘Bee Friendly’ plants for your space.

Keep posted, over the spring we will be visiting with garden centres and landscaper professionals around BC to bring you the latest information on how to create a Bee Friendly Garden in your space.