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What to learn more about how planting something can improve your health and well-being? You’re in the right place.

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Gardening With Monika Hibbs

This blog was originally posted on Monikahibbs.com. All rights are credited to Monika Hibbs. If you’ve been following along with my stories, you know how busy Troy and I are with landscaping and our garden. Evenings spent planting (before the mosquitoes come out!) has been a relaxing way to spend... Read more »

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Planting a locally-inspired garden means healthier plants and happier people

Getting your hands dirty with greenery sourced from around our province has myriad benefits for your health and well-being at any age G. Marion Johnson  •  Postmedia Content Works Nootka rose, wild ginger, Pacific bleeding heart and wood sorrel: these are just a handful of plants that thrive in B.C. If there’s... Read more »

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How strange to be planning for winter harvests while awaiting the bounty of summer, but the reality is that now is the time to start planning what, where and when to grow.

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The Basics of Rose Growing

Roses have played their part in our lives for hundreds of years; the roses we have in our gardens today are a result of centuries of breeding and hybridization. This has given us thousands of varieties and it can be a little daunting when first venturing into the world of... Read more »

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5 reasons to fill your home and garden with local plants

Originally published and written by We ♥ Local BC Looking for a way to improve your health and well-being, with the bonus of boosting your property value and caring for the environment? Fill your home and garden with local plants this season — you might be surprised at all the... Read more »

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