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BC Nursery Tour 2018

PlantSomething Bee Friendly is going on a road trip! On Thursday, August 15 to Friday, August 17, we will be visiting your favourite garden centres throughout the BC interior. Starting with Chilliwack, we will be stopping in Kamloops, Vernon, Armstrong, Kelowna, Summerland, Penticton and Abbotsford to discuss pollinator plants for different regions around BC. Watch… Read more »

Hot New Plants for 2018

Gary Lewis at Phoenix Perennials sent us a list of the hot new plants for 2018. If you’re looking for something new and exciting for your garden, you won’t want to miss these. Please note, PlantSomething Bee Friendly isn’t sure how many of these plants are high in pollen or nectar – but sometimes you… Read more »

The Economic Impact of a Professionally Landscaped Yard

Adding flowering plants, containers, and gardens to your yard helps bees and other pollinators find food. No matter the size of your ‘green space,’ plants help replenish pollinator food that was cleared in areas of development. Besides helping bees, property owners have other reasons to consider when investing in their property. Having a well-designed yard… Read more »

PlantSomething Bee Friendly with Native Plants

We are all familiar with European honeybees as pollinators (and a source of honey!) but there are a wide variety of pollinators, including many wild bee species, butterflies and others.  In fact, the Center for Pollinator Research at Penn State College of Agricultural Science reports there are several hundred thousand species of pollinators. While it’s… Read more »

Protect Your Investment with a Signed Contract

Hiring a professional landscape contractor, can be a complicated process. Many companies offer similar services but not all companies provide the same level of service or expertise. To help determine the right company for your project, recommends rating your top three companies over 13 categories, including years in business, warranty and client references. A… Read more »

PlantSomething for the Environment

Environmentalists have celebrated Earth Day since 1970 to activate the environmental movement around the world. This year Earth Day falls on Sunday, April 22nd and this post is to celebrate the environmental efforts gardeners make around the world. Gardeners are environmentally conscious people who make a difference every time they dig in the dirt.  When… Read more »

Tips on Creating the Perfect Bee Garden

You can make a significant difference by planting a flower. It may seem simple, or a bit silly, but the world needs you to plant more flowers. Why? Because, food. Actually, there are tons of reasons but today we are talking about the food. Both for us and the bees. Bees’ food is the pollen… Read more »

Finding the Right Landscaper for Your Project

We’re lucky to have a mild climate in BC. When you’re a gardener, this is extra special because the mild temperatures provides 4 full seasons – meaning more time in the garden. But what happens when you need a little extra help your garden? Maybe you’re installing a water feature or having the yard leveled…. Read more »

No Effort Too Small

 Adapted from an article written by Kevin Cramer, Bloomin’ Easy plants Think small Pollinator friendly options exist in every plant category and fit even the smallest outdoor spaces. Whether you have a backyard or a balcony, it’s easy to find plants that work for you. In fact, the amount of sun your space gets is… Read more »

Garden Centres and Landscapers PlantSomething Bee Friendly Everyday

Independent garden centres and landscape professionals are crazy about native pollinators. Whether or not you’re in the gardening world, bees are an extremely important part of our food source. Experts say that 80% of our food requires pollinator help – which comes from bees, insects and animals – making it important for us to help… Read more »