Plant Something Together

Everyone Can Benefit From Gardening!

So Why Not Garden Together?

Previously, Plant Something has explored the concept of living well by connecting body, mind, and spirit to nature and gardening. Throughout this past year, wellness was a timely topic as restrictions and socializing with friends, family and, communities have been challenging. However, with a new year on the horizon and going outdoors in groups becoming a new possibility. There is an opportunity for Plant Something Together to encourage everyone to share their love for nature and promote how to garden with family, friends and the community.

Gardening Benefits Youth

Gardening helps to engage the five senses in young children. It also helps with developing fine motor skills and teaches responsibilities (Knowledge First Financial, 2021). Children can learn a lot from gardening and feel the satisfaction of bringing plants to life! They might even start eating their veggies if they were the ones to grow them! 

Agriculture In The Classroom is a great resource for parents and teachers to start educating youth on the importance of agriculture in British Columbia. They have multiple lessons, games and more to help make gardening fun for kids.

Community Gardens

Community gardens provide a safe space to grow ornamental or edible plants. They are also great for apartment owners who might not have space for a full backyard garden. They provide beauty to neighbourhoods and add value to the community. Community gardens also bring (you guessed it) communities together! They provide a safe place to gather and socialize. Still unsure about community gardens? Here are 5 more reasons why you should get involved in one.

Garden Activities

Gather your family, friends, or neighbours and plan a day to garden together! There are many garden activities you can do together, such as growing a vegetable or herb garden, teach kids about pollinator-friendly plants, or about the wildlife that helps our gardens flourish.

Plan a day to get outside together to play around in the garden! Or take the family to a local garden centre make a fun day trip out of it by buying locally grown plants and taking them home to your garden. Some local garden centres even sell gardening kits to make getting your garden started that much easier!

Don’t Just Stand there… Plant Something BC!

What are you waiting for? Get your family together, call your friends and get out into the community. Gardening is an activity for all ages and stages of life. It is a great way to get outside, socialize and build a stronger community!

Don’t forget to capture the moment! Share your gardening adventures on Instagram and tag @plantsomethingbc.