Plant Something BC

Imagine a World Without Trees and Plants.

Since BC is home to 3000 native plant species, its hard to image a world without trees or plants. Yet people are placing long-lasting and damaging stress on our ecosystems everyday. This stress is leading to climate change and decreasing green spaces issues that we are facing today. Now it is more important than ever to Plant Something BC!

What is Plant Something BC?

Plant Something BC started in 2016 is a BC Buy Local initiative that promotes the benefits of buying locally grown plants to aspiring and experienced gardeners of all ages. Plant Something BC challenges British Columbians to ‘Don’t Just Stand There… Plant Something BC!’

Plant Something ‘Bee Friendly’ was for the 2017/18 planting season as an initiative to educate gardeners about the importance of using bee-loving plants in their gardens. Through this campaign, Plant Something Bee Friendly provides information on gorgeous pollinating plants that can be used in any size garden or container.

Plant Something ‘For Wellness’ was for the 2019/20 planting season to educate gardeners of all levels about the benefits plants provide. Through this campaign, Plant Something For Wellness provided information about how indoor and outdoor gardening can improve your well-being.

In the 2021/2022 gardening season, Plant Something ‘Together’ wants to encourage gardeners to share their love for nature with their friends, family and community. Throughout this campaign, Plant Something Together provides gardening tips and ideas on how to garden with others.

Plant Something BC’s Mission and Goals

Plant Something BC promotes the use and sale of BC grown plants by supporting BCLNA members and non-members in the horticulture industry from the grower to the landscaper and garden centre.