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Don't Just Stand There ... Plant Something BC!

Imagine a World Without Trees and Plants.

With BC being the home to 3000 native plant species, its hard to image a world without trees or plants. Yet people are placing potentially long-lasting and damaging stress on our ecosystems everyday. This stress is leading to climate change and decreasing green spaces issues that we are facing today. Now it is more important than ever to Plant Something BC!

Benefits of Buying and Planting Locally Grown Plants

  • BC’s plants are happy in their environment and are much less likely to be affected by pest disease
  • BC’s growers have generations of plant knowledge and are passionate about the quality of plants
  • BC’s ecosystem is dependent on BC grown plants
  • Gardens have several healing qualities, lowers stress, clams nerves and can even reduce blood pressure levels
  • Gardens encourage an active lifestyle and gardening burns calories
  • Gardens clean the air of pollution, allowing you and your family to breath in fresh air
  • Professionally landscaped yards increase property values
  • Professionally landscaped yards reduce energy costs and protect your home from the hash elements
  • Professionally landscaped yards save water and prevent erosion

What is Plant Something BC?

Plant Something BC is a BC Buy Local initiative to promote the benefits of buying local grown plants to aspiring and experienced gardeners of all ages. PlantSomethingBC challenges British Columbians to

‘Don’t Just Stand There…
Plant Something BC!’